Shepherds Stand

What we sow in our children determines the type of harvest we reap in the future. Destroying a great nation only requires that the culture convince its shepherds to neglect their flocks. Shepherd's Stand is about God's mighty anointing--and generational blessings--on shepherd's who embrace their awesome responsibility. Abba's fingerprints on parents, step parents, stand in parents and even "shouldn't have been parents" are our first focus. In addition, Shepherd's Stand looks at Jesus' intercession through pastors, evangelists, believers, and others that take on the role of "papa."

Is God still paying forward blessings to the grandchildren of Godly men and women? After you've connected with this segment in GODSPEED magazine, we'll be listening to hear your heart. Every disciple of The Messiah is called to be a shepherd in Christ. Do more than read about shepherds…share with us how Immanuel is using you.

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