Jesus Freaks We Love

This segment is close to our hearts. Jesus Freaks We Love is about GODSPEED doing two things.

First it's about praising God for the believers who are willing to be "inappropriately" in love with Christ. These bold souls do not worship the false 'god of other people's opinions' they worship The Most High and they won't minimize the intensity of their love for Yeshua because it causes them to be labeled "Jesus Freaks.""

Second it's about getting out a bullhorn to announce what may be obvious already. We are Jesus Freaks. If there's one area of life that it's good to be excessive, we believe it's in our love for Christ. Our Savior calls us into balance in our lives but not in our love for Him. Go beyond luke warm, metro, nice guy, appropriate, Ned Flanders, moralism… join us in asking The Holy Spirit to make you a Jesus Freak. We were meant to be courageous. Find a radical love for The One who brought us salvation.

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