God's Abode

"God's Abode" is the segment of GODSPEED magazine that dives into sharing what's happening in God's homes or dwelling places. In order to do this we adjust our focus for each story.

In one case we will look at our infinite God dwelling in heaven. Those who have been pronounced dead and then miraculously returned to describe their experience with The Lord will bring us insight.

As we narrow the editorial lens, we'll witness God's presence in entire countries He's chosen to call home (Israel, America, etc).

Reduced to the practical level, GOD'S ABODE will reveal how we, The Body of Christ, invite and make space for Jesus in our earthly homes and gardens.

Lastly, under the microscope, we'll glorify Yahweh by recognizing His presence in individual believers whose testimonies resonate with The Power of The Holy Spirit doing the impossible.

Cover Story: God's Awakening

of America