"Godfood" is editorially focused on two beautiful things; God's presence in foods that bring life and God's use of food to love His children.

Even secular traditions connect food with love in commercialized holidays like Valentine's Day. As disciples, Jesus is our daily bread. He calls all of us to feed the countless "food endangered" and starving masses with spiritual and literal sustenance.

In addition to food ministries and writing about God's presence in the romantic foods of great marriages, Godfood will illuminate His natural, "alternative" and "homeopathic" foods that develop, sustain and restore health.

Current Story: The Highlife

How God's redemption of two men is feeding thousands

By Deborah Flook

What do two formerly drug and alcohol addicted Ohio residents have in common with Jesus? Well, some among us might judge them by saying their former ways were foolish but 1 Cor 1:27 (KJV) says “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise…” Jesus fed the least, last and lost with both food and love. So do these men.

How has this unlikely team survived and truly thrived over the years? First they punch, pray and then grill to make it all happen (more on this later).

Common sense would say it’s not right to put two guys with a limited church background and criminal records in a church youth ministry program. What kind of spiritual influence would they have on impressionable middle and high school students? But that is where God placed Jason Barton aka “bald Jason” and Jason Johnston aka “big Jason” to do community service shortly after becoming sober. In God’s perfect way, JB and JJ flourished. And so began an unexpected partnership that everyone said would fail, but Jason Barton had a vision and no one could stop the determination that God’s words had created in him.

“Go and feed people” were the words The Holy Spirit continued to whisper. So many times that Jason had written it in black Sharpie on his apartment wall hoping to get it out of his head. For a month he diligently walked the streets of Miamisburg, Ohio, praying to find a place to “feed the people.”

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