Christ's Who's Who

Whether we're quoting Peter in Acts 10:34 or using other scriptures our God is forever a God of holy justice. This segment is not about one person being more important than another, it's about the love of Jesus Christ changing the world through imperfect sinners (like you and me) who completely take up their crosses and follow Him.

Christ's Who's Who is about those who've experienced the truth so intensely that it moved them into God's will for their lives. It's about a love affair with our Father in Heaven and all His righteousness that motivates radical obedience, radical kindness, radical faith, radical displays of affection for Abba and more. It's about global change agents.

What are the common traits we've experienced in the presence of Christ's anointed leaders? Their eyes may fill with tears when attempting to explain the mission God has placed on their hearts. They are encouraging of others and not easily provoked or lead to gossip. Being loving and kind is in their nature. Radical humility is a deeply ingrained way of life. When they achieve the impossible, fill stadiums or send ripples out around the earth...they are simply looking up giving all glory to God Almighty to whom all reverence is due.

Current Story: How God is Saving Nations in a Day

A leader named Dominic Russo

By Jonathan Coussens

When the eyes of the world are upon a nation, it is usually because of war, natural disaster or political depravity. But in 2013, when humanity’s attention focused on one Central American country, the catalyst was something far greater.

Nearly 3,000 years ago the ancient prophet Isaiah wrote: “Can a nation be saved in a day? A country brought forth in a moment?“

In 2010 Missions.Me, a Michigan-based non-profit, decided to ask the same 3,000-year-old question in the nation of Honduras under the campaign banner 1Nation1Day. Little did Missions.Me know the question would do more than change a country, the resulting movement would make history.

For all the wrong reasons, the Republic of Honduras had been in the news and the international spotlight for almost a decade. With a population of eight million people, this small country was home to nearly 20 murders a day, making it the most violent country per-capita outside of a war zone.

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