GODSPEED is a digital magazine editorially focused on God in action. We've been called to deliver evidence of God's hand in today's world.

In 2012, The Holy Spirit delivered an intense set of instructions regarding the 2016 launch of this publication. The complete instructions were (are) focused on a single goal: to protect the freedom to worship God on earth. Yahweh's message was filled with both cautions and provisions for strengthening America and Christian business owners.

You are now experiencing the specific format described by The Holy Spirit.

We review content by asking,

"Is this story about God in action or is this story about a man/woman who happens to know God?"

Here's the rub; we're not asking our readers to read GODSPEED magazine. We're urging The Body of Christ onto our digital bridge to become the stories they're reading.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we welcome you. If you are part of His Body, you'll discover this bridge is for you.

Our Savior called us to unite.

Praise God if we lack the arrogance to refuse.